Bonus run

I ran today, because I have no work and I could.  I think just the desire to go makes me a little proud, and the 15 minutes before walking in the pea soup that is New Jersey right now makes me more proud.  (The circles I ran around my now-running hubby makes me the most proud, but don’t tell him)  ;)

Progress report:  (Since it’s been ages, just the way I like it!)

Current weight - fluctuating around 124/125

Waist - 32 1/2 Down about 2 inches, and a whole size.  (My size 6 pants are falling off me - some of them are even a little clown like.  Better yet, my new size 4s make my hubby leer at me, in the good way.  hee hee…)

I still want to lose a few more inches around my waist, preferably to a size 2 (sounds tiny, but remember, I’m only 5’2”!  I should be there…)  I wouldn’t mind staying at this weight, but I know I can drop fat faster (but still slow) than I build muscle, so I guess I’d like to go down before I go up.

An imaginary toast with imaginary Martinis to my new goals!

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